I am studying for Master degree of Distributed Systems in KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

I am a enthusiasts of Arch Linux, I had used Arch Linux as my main system for 3 years, then I switch back to the Microsoft Windows after Microsoft began to do some right things. Now I work on Arch Linux as WSL and a plan-b system.

I believe Rust is the mainstream language of the future, and also I’m trying to learn TypeScript, but since my major is distributed, I usually use some functional languages like Scala and Erlang in my classes (but honestly, functional thinking is really killing me, I hate FP).

In fact, my dream is to be an independent game developer, because I think only games is a good carrier which is not limited by materials or screens, is the best way to tell stories and present art. I want to share stories in my heart to everyone, and I hope to tell good 9th art like those that have ever touched me.

I can speak/write in English.